Hi, My name is Chuck.

My Journey started 60 years ago. I joined the marines at 17. I started my first business venture when I was 21.  Multi level marketing was my first attempt at owning my own business.  I failed at MLM because I didn’t understand the complexities involved.  My military background would not let me stop moving forward.  Over the years I worked many fulltime jobs and raised my family, while I pursued my own business goals.  During that period of time, I was never able to fulfill any specific goal of having a successful business.  In opposition to retirement I chose to work and this website is that attempt.  Business today is altogether different than it was when I started.

My goal:

To provide the best products available to you, our customers.

This website has been created to bring the various parts of the internet to one place. This website is not a manufacturer of any products. We are an affiliate marketing website that advertises for those manufacturers.

The explicit drive behind this website is to offer great products and services.

Our Team

Roger is our team technical guy.

Roger is an Army veteran and helps with all the technical challenges we face.