Are you looking for some tricks to handle your newborn baby? Or you want some help because you are confined to your home due. No worries mate, we got you! This article will provide the maximum information you would want to suit yourself. Just keep reading.

Top 4 Highly Recommended Hacks for Your Newborn Babies

Childbirth is a gift from God, but it can be challenging for the parents. I have mentioned some of the reliable hacks that a parent must know for better care of their babies.

  1. Hospital Pacifiers

Newborn babies are usually stubborn. They are not ready to take medicines without causing any trouble. You can use hospital pacifiers for this purpose. It has a hallow opening which helps the easy flow of medicine through it.

  1. Laundry Basket to Bath Your Baby

To keep toys within a range of babies and prevent slippage, you can bathe them in a laundry basket. However, this hack is applicable for those babies who can sit up themselves. The use of this laundry basket can help the easy flow of water through it.

  1. Use Heating Pads for Your Baby’s Better Nap

If your baby is not going to sleep, you can use heating pads to heat the space and make it warm for the baby. It will help to put the baby to sleep easily.

  1. Get Yourself a Draw Dividers

To organize your baby’s clothes, get yourself a draw divider. This way, you will see all the onesies. By the use of a draw divider, the onesies also won’t get messed up together.

3 Must-Try Hacks for Medical House bound

Life is hard. But it is even harder for someone who is confined to home due to illness. I have mentioned some essential hacks to provide ease to your problems.

  1. Remedy to Reduce Pain of Sore Throat

Sore throat hurts bad, especially when you are swallowing something. An easy remedy of mixing flour, honey, and coconut oil and applying that paste on your chest can help in reducing the pain of sore throat.

  1. Aloe Vera’s Impressive Healing Properties

Aloe vera has multiple uses when it comes to health care and for healing purposes. Applying aloe vera to burns can help to accelerate the healing process. Despite that, applying aloe vera on your C-section scars can reduce the scarring.

  1. Crazy Use of Vitelline Membrane That a Lot of You Don’t Know

It’s the protective layer presents in a boiled egg. It has impressive healing properties. Wearing it on papercut for three days can help to heal the scar. In other words, this membrane is a great alternative for a bandage.

  1. Remedy for Swollen Gums

Swollen gums can cause unbearable and irritating pain. To reduce this pain, I have found a very effective remedy. Cloves and coconut oil are present in almost every household. Grind cloves in powder form. Add them together in a bowl and mix them well. Now, use cotton or tissue to apply it to the affected areas. It will help to reduce the pain.

The above-given remedies and hacks have been used for ages. They are not only effective, but also, they save a lot of time in one’s daily life. I hope this article proves to be useful for you.

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