If you are someone who doesn’t know what medical waste is and what is the use of bio-hazard liners is, In that case, you are at the right place as here we will let you know the necessity of using bio-hazard liners when disposing of medical supplies.

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is something that is generated by doctors in hospitals or clinics. Medical waste is generally referred to as products that may have been contaminated by blood, bodily fluids, or by any other infectious materials. Medical waste can come or generate from animals and humans.

These types of wastes should be discarded as these types of products can be very dangerous to humans. Suppose somehow you came into contact with the infectious medical waste product you should clean yourself as soon as possible as you are at the risk of being infected. You should be tested regularly to make sure you are not somehow infected.

The standard type of medical waste includes

●         Blood infected products.

The Use Of Bio-hazard Liners

The use of bio-hazard liners is very important. According to research conducted by professionals, 33lbs of waste is generated by the average staff hospital per day, and 5.9 million tons of infectious medical waste is generated per year only in the United States.

There are two types of bio-hazard bags Yellow and Red.

Red bio-hazard Liners

One should be very careful while disposing of medical waste. Red bio-hazard liners should only be used to dispose of human bodily fluids, Organs, Tissues, saliva samples, or anatomical waste.

These bags can also be used to dispose of medical samples that include gloves, blood-soaked products, swabs, or anything you can find with blood on it.

Remember not to put any other medical waste like alcohol, chemicals, radioactive waste, pharmaceutical waste, wrappers in these red bio-hazard liners.

Yellow Bio-hazard Liners

Yellow bio-hazard liners should only be used to dispose of medical waste that is not soaked with blood like tissues, Dressings, Aprons, sanitary pads, and pampers. These bags can also be used to throw used IV lines,

Remember, you should only use these yellow bags for clinical waste or the waste that is described above. You should not dispose of pharmaceutical medicine, Anatomical waste, or any non-infectious waste.


Here in this piece of content, we have tried to let you know what medical waste is. And when disposing of you should know that there are two types of medical waste bags you should use to throw medical wastage.

The medical waste that is soaked with blood or Anatomical wastage should be thrown in the red bag.

The yellow bag should be used to throw clinical wastage like bandages, gloves, Sanitary pads, Pampers, Napkins.

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