Crosstex Fluid Resistant Procedure Face Masks


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Limited Stock. Due to the recent high demand for Medical Grade Face Masks, allocation may be enforced. Please order based upon need, all orders for face masks are non-cancelable within 10 days of your order placed, and are non-returnable.  Click here for additional information

Ideal for procedures where moderate to light amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols are produced, our Crosstex Fluid Resistant Procedure Face Masks whave a blue fluid resistant outer layer and a fluid resistant white inner layer and an extra-long aluminum nose piece and earloops for a secure fit.

Examples for use for ASTM Level 2 Masks include sealants, prophylaxis, restoratives, endodontic work, and limited oral surgery. Just like level 1 masks, level 2 masks are also latex or fiberglass free.

Specifications for Crosstex Fluid Resistant Procedure Face Masks

  • Fluid Resistance =120 mmHg
  • BFE  >  98% at 0.1 micron
  • Delta P, mm H 2 O/cm 2  <5.0
  • Meets EN14683 Rating-Type IIR Standard
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Made in the USA.


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