Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator


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Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator supplies additional oxygen to individuals which have difficulty in breathing and allows its users to customize oxygen flow with the adjustable flow knob. It works in conjunction with easily attached nasal cannulas that hook over the ears and under the nose for easy inhalation. The concentrator comes with several audible safety alarms including an oxygen purity indicator (OPI), and a manual reset button to keep patients breathe regularly even after power fluctuations.

Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • Equipped with audible alarms and indicator lights, such as a Low Flow-rate Alarm, Low/High-Pressure Alarm, and a Power Failure Alarm
  • Flow Range: 0.5-5 LPM
  • Quiet operation levels
  • The top handle and four rolling casters allow for easy transport
  • For individual use indoors only
  • Also Available
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