Strong Vinyl Gloves, 4000 Series


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Easy to don and Powder-Free, our Strong Vinyl Exam Gloves are latex free and feature a beaded cuff and smooth finish. These Vinyl Gloves (4000 Series) by Strong Manufacturing are non-sterile and ambidextrous, so you may use on either hand.

Specifications for Strong Manufacturing Vinyl Gloves

  • Finger thickness: 3.9 mils
  • Palm thickness: 3.9 mils
  • Medical Exam Grade (5.0 grams)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

This are disposable Vinyl Gloves designed for single use only.  Well suited for doctor’s office, daycares or childcare centers, clinics, or general use where you need protection, and cannot use latex gloves.

Available Sizes for Strong Vinyl Gloves / Exam Gloves, 4000 Series

Size Model No. Packaging
Small 4002 By Box (100 ct), or Case (10 boxes of 100)
Medium 4003 By Box (100 ct), or Case (10 boxes of 100)
Large 4004 By Box (100 ct), or Case (10 boxes of 100)
X-Large 4005 By Box (100 ct), or Case (10 boxes of 100)


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