Ultimate Ceramide -UV



Ceramides are a family of molecules that can be found in the outer layers of your skin. They help prevent the loss of moisture in your skin due to evaporation. When ceramides break down, your skin’s barrier becomes compromised and the moisture in your skin can becomes depleted. Unfortunately as we age, we constantly lose moisture promoting ceramides.

Your “Secret” For Incredible Looking Skin

With properly hydrated skin, not only does your skin look healthier, it also looks younger. Ultimate Ceramide UV provides clinically tested rice ceramides to help promote radiant looking skin.

Ultimate Ceramide UV also provides Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (PLE), naturally derived from a fern plant native to Central and South America. Research indicates that PLE may help protect your skin from sun related negative effects.

Together, rice ceramides and PLE make Ultimate Ceramide UV your “secret” for incredible looking skin.


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