Therabath Professional TB6 Thermo Therapy Paraffin Bath Unit


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Therabath Professional TB6 Thermo Therapy Paraffin Bath Unit provides Paraffin treatments, a type of thermotherapy, that effectively increases blood flow to aid in rehabilitation or to warm a specific area of the body prior to other therapies or exercise. Arthritis pain, inflammation, and stiffness can all be relieved with paraffin moist heat therapy. Warm paraffin is also commonly used to soften dry, cracked skin by attracting moisture from the inside of the body to the surface. Hands, feet, faces, and elbows are left feeling soft and looking more youthful. Two internal thermostats ensure that the user never comes into contact with overheated wax.

Therabath Paraffin Bath Unit Includes

  1. Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath Unit
  2. 6lb (6- 1lb bags) Refill Paraffin
  3. One plastic grille
  4. One lid with integrated handle
  5. Operator manual


Why Choose Professional Thermo Therapy Paraffin Bath Unit?

  • Can be used at home also
  • Integrated handles for easy transport in the home, clinic or office
  • Warm paraffin is used to soften dry, cracked skin by drawing moisture from within the body to the surface
  • Can be used for salon manicures and pedicure
  • Deep-immersion 6 – 9 LB
  • Wax capacity – up to 25% deeper than previous models
  • Anodized aluminum tank – lightweight, durable, and energy-efficient
  • Always safe temperature range – even during the initial melt cycle

Indications for Use of Paraffin Bath Unit

  • Useful in symptomatic relief of pain caused by medically diagnosed arthritis, bursitis, and chronic joint inflammation
  • Relaxes muscles, relieves stiffness and muscle pain, and stimulates circulation
  • May be prescribed for post-fracture or post-dislocation treatment, for sprains, strains, for restriction of motion due to scar tissue, and for other conditions for which heat is indicated
  • Commonly used prior to therapeutic exercise and massage therapy
  • May be prescribed in certain peripheral vascular diseases
  • Consult your physician if you have any questions


What to Buy with Therabath Paraffin Bath Tank?


How to Use TB6 Paraffin Therapy Bath Tank?

  1. Unpack the unit, place it on a flat, secure surface
  2. Pour up to 9 bags of refill paraffin wax into the tank
  3. Place the plastic grille on top of the unmelted paraffin
  4. Rest the lid on top of the grille (the paraffin will compact as it melts)
  5. Plug the unit in (the paraffin will fully melt in 6 to 8 hours)

Note: During proper operation, the light turns on and off regularly (as the unit is heating) and is mostly off. The light is not an indication that the wax is melted.

How to Clean Therabath Tank?

  1. Clean unit when you see sediment has built up on the bottom of the inner tank.
  2. Unplug unit, remove the lid, & grille and allow paraffin to completely harden overnight.
  3. Plug-in the unit for approximately 10 minutes to melt edges of hard paraffin “cake” around the inside of the tank. Layout paper towels to set wax “cake” on.
  4. Turn the unit upside down (keeping close to table surface). Holding the long edges of the tank, squeeze the tank outwards away from the wax, shaking gently until the cake releases and slides on to the table surface.
  5. Blot up remaining paraffin in the tank with a soft paper towel and wipe the unit dry.
    HINT: a hair the dryer will melt hard paraffin drips, then blot them up with a paper towel.
  6. Replace fresh paraffin in the tank, place the grille on top of paraffin, and replace the lid.
  7. Plugin the unit.
  8. After paraffin has melted (6-8 hours), add additional wax as


  • Should not be used in the presence of open cuts or wounds, inflammatory skin conditions, neoplasm (growths), peripheral vascular disease where circulation is impaired, acute inflammation, or when the sensation of the extremity is reduced or absent (such as in some cases of diabetes).
  • If there is any question about a peripheral vascular disease or decreased sensation of the extremities, consult a physician or physical therapist before using.
  • Should not be used on areas subject to hemorrhaging or in cases involving abnormal sensitivity to heat.
  • Discontinue use if dermatitis due to paraffin sensitivity occurs.
  • Discontinue use if wax feels too hot or cool, which could indicate health problems with the user.
  • Do not allow children or those with severe physical disabilities to use the device.

Therabath Paraffin Bath User Manual

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